Yesterday I went to my doctor and told him about some pain/pressure I had been feeling in my chest and about this past Sundays’ shortness of breath and dizziness episode. He thinks I am likely having heart burn based on my descriptions of the pain in my chest. But he had an EKG done, a chest x-ray, and blood taken for labs just to be sure. Overall, I got the impression that he thinks my coming in to see him was a waste of my time and possibly his. And he asked me to use Prilosec to see if that helps. (A heartburn medication)

ElectrocardiogramThe only thing I know at this point is that my EKG was perfectly normal. I had my chest x-rayed and blood drawn so I will probably learn something about those next Wednesday when I meet with the lesser physician once again.

Some people know that I have a phobia regarding giving blood. It is irrational, but it is certainly real. I have never been able to do give blood because of it. I even call the blood mobile/blood takers ‘vampires’, maybe to help reinforce my phobia. When I was in college I passed out in line to donate blood once. Yes, I did say while in line. That was embarrassing to say the least. But I did get some snacks and got to sit with all of the people who had just donated. Well, this morning I went to the vampires office to give them some of my blood. And… I survived. I explained to the lady that I had once passed out in line before giving blood, and she simply said rather firmly but in a joking manner “Just sit down.” while pointing to a chair. So I sat. She had me look at a wall with lots of random information about health and before I knew it she had two glass tubes full of my blood. I felt a little ill at the thought of what had happened, but I didn’t feel a thing. So maybe that phobia has now been dissolved from my head.

Next Wednesday I should have some more information regarding my lab results and my chest x-ray.

This is an update to a previous posting.