Jesus has been described as the Great Physician. Well today I head to a much lesser physician.

Lesser PhysicianLast week I had some brief chest pains and then decided that it must have been heart burn. (my basis for this conclusion was primarily that I didn’t want to go to a doctor) I have also experienced some chest pressure from time to time and have dismissed it. And this could all be from heart burn, from what I understand the symptoms can be similar to a heart attack. (hopefully, it will simply be heart burn) This Sunday during the worship service I felt ridiculously tired all of a sudden and had shortness of breath, and Jaime is concerned that I could be experiencing some early signs of diabetes. I had eaten some French Toast just before the service which has a lot of sugar in it. I also have a family history of diabetes and heart issues. So… since I have a few issues Jaime has setup an appointment for me to go to the doctor today at 2:15.

I am fairly certain I will need to dramatically adjust my diet, and that is going to be extremely difficult for me. I like food, a lot.