My wife, Jaime, and I have discussed the idea of adopting a child from another country since before we were even married. But now we are exploring this idea in a non abstract way, and may be applying with an international adoption agency within the next month. The organization we are likely to work with is Holt International. Currently we are looking at adopting a child from either Thailand or Vietnam. I know this may be news for some of the people we know, but Jaime and I have been thinking about this for a long time. So I would like to ask everyone to be praying for Jaime and I as we pray through this decision. Our decision to adopt is not related to an inability to have children, but more out of a deep yearning in our hearts to bring a child that does not have a family into our home.

So, if it is the Lord’s will we may have a baby from a far away land within the next year to two years.