April 4th, 2019 I became a single Father of 3 amazing kids when my wife divorced me. I thought I would feel as though my world had completely fallen apart, as that is how it had felt up to that point for the months leading up to this. I was surprised to be relieved. That stage of my life had ended. Shortly after I met Angie through a friend and we began seeing each other. She has been amazing and supportive and a wonderful help as I learn to parent on my own. 2019 ended up being an amazing year with Angie encouraging me while I trained for a Half-Ironman and learning that God had a lot more in store for me. 

2020 has come and even with the crazyness happeneing in the world I am blessed knowing God is with me and my kids along with Angie by my side with her encouragement and amazing smile. 

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