syrian-refugeesThere is a lot of discussion and debate occurring right now in the world regarding refugees from Syria. I see a wide range of opinions being portrayed. I see some Christians using scripture to show that we as believers should be welcoming and accepting of refugees. I see Conservatives expressing their concerns over ISIS having infiltrated these refugees. I see Liberals declaring that we must accept these refugees as it is the right thing, expressing that others don’t want to help women and children. The topic is divisive that is for sure. Each ‘side’ makes the situation seem simple, but this truly is a unique situation.

Some facts about this situation:
#1. ISIS has infiltrated these refugees.
#2, Jesus does tell his followers to love their enemies and to help those in need.
#3. ISIS has slaughtered people in Syria and these people need help, a home, and an opportunity to start their life over.
#4. Jesus never told Rome (the Government) what it should do, but did instruct Christians and the Church.

I believe that as a Christian I should help and love any refugees that my Government brings in with open arms. I also believe that far too many Christians are abdicating their responsibility as believers to help those in need by having the Government help those in need while they sit back and live life oblivious to others needs. I don’t believe Christians should be looking to the Government to solve this refugee crisis or use scripture to prove that the Government should be allowing refugees. The United States Government is not Christian, it is secular. Our secular Governments primary responsibility is keep their citizens safe. So, I don’t fault Government leaders who are struggling with figuring out how to help these refugees while protecting their citizens from an enemy that is known to be hiding among those very same refugees.This crisis is unique in this regard since the enemy is using this crisis to get operatives into western nations to do others harm.

A possible solution that seems logical would be to seek for a unified military approach with western nations leading the effort to make a portion of Syria a safe and secure zone. I believe this could be done quickly with a cooperative effort by European nations and the United States. Relocating 4 million people to other nations and other cultures will certainly be difficult, which we are seeing materialize due to the sheer volume of refugees, when it seems more logical to remove the threat that is causing these people to flee their homeland. The idea would then be to relocate the refugees into this safe zone and begin giving them everything they need from building infrastructure to basic needs like food, water and shelter. These people need help. We should help them. And if we can possibly help them by giving them back their homeland while ridding the area of the terrible threat that ISIS poses it would seem like a winning solution for western nations and the Syrian refugees.

That said as a Christian I am more than willing to help a refugee that my country accepts into this nation. This is an opportunity for us as believers to share Christ to people who need salvation. This presents a unique situation where people will be coming from the ends of the earth to our hometowns. We should not ignore this opportunity or live in fear of possible threats within the ranks of those seeking a new home. However, I won’t ignore the reality of this situation and the real threat that could be present among these refugees or disparage anyone who sees alternate ways to assist these individuals. It is time for the Church to step up and help, It should not be the US Government that is providing but the Church itself, the body of Christ showing love and care to those in need. If our Government simply sends these refugees back to Syria to be slaughtered it will be a tragedy, and one that has happened in the past during WWII. We should be praying for wisdom for those who must make these difficult decisions.

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April 3rd 2018, 07:14