I watched a video the other day by a guy named Rob Bell called, ‘Dust’. This video taught me something that I had never heard before. Not to brag, but usually this is not the case. I often hear things that get me thinking about something differently, but rarely is something completely knew placed in front of me. This video answered a question I have had for a while, one that I have never heard a satisfactory answer about. That question was: “Why did Jesus disciples drop everything and follow him when Jesus said ‘Come, follow me.'” I have always thought, that there must be more to this story. Maybe the gospel writers left out some important instructions between Jesus and these men. The most common teaching I have heard to answer this question has been that they just knew that Jesus was special, but I honestly have never bought that simple explanation. They knew one thing about Jesus at this point, that He was a Rabbi. Until I watched this video by Rob Bell I didn’t understand how powerful that simple fact truly is in understanding Jesus disciples. So I recommend getting your hands on ‘Dust’ if possible or check out the sermon video at the bottom of this blog post where Rob Bell explains Discipleship at a Church. (this is an excellent video but is a bit longer than the ‘Dust’ video)

Here is a teaser of the ‘Dust’ video. (Only about a minute and a half of the 14 minute video)

Discipleship Video
I found this video online, it isn’t the Dust video, but it is Rob Bell explaining a lot of the information presented in the full ‘Dust’ video. I highly recommend watching this video to understand what it means to be a disciple in the context that Jesus disciples understood it.