Micah is yet another one of the prophets that God gave a clear message to. Micah shared this message with Israel and Judah and also wrote down what God revealed to him in the book of Micah. Micah lived during the reign of Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah. So his life overlaps with Isaaiah.

Micah’s prophecy is nearly identical to the prophecies given to the other prophets. (not in a word for word sense, but in the overall message to Israel and Judah) So God is being very clear about what is about to happen and why it is going to happen.

Micah also focuses on Israel’s leaders, including the priests being guilty of misguiding the people. (chapter 3) He also talks about false prophets, basically prophets that are being paid to prophecy a specific message. (chapter 2)

Micah paints a picture of Israel that shows how distorted things had gotten. The people were being misled by the very people that were to be helping them worship God.

Esentially there is not a lot that appears to be unique with Micah’s message. So I really won’t do much of an outline. God simply seems to be wanting to hammer in that Israel being destroyed and taken into captivity was for one clear purpose. To bring them back to God.