The Book of Proverbs primarily consists of wise phrases that Solomon spoke. The beginning of the book is a longer section regarding marriage, sex, lust, and sexual immorality. I found this fact interesting that the wisest of men, Solomon, writes the most on this subject. And if you remember from a previous blog post, Solomon, fell into sin by marrying foreign women that seduced him to worship other gods. So, Solomon knows what he is talking about. Wives have great influence on their husbands, so for men it is so very important that men realize how weak we truly are when it comes to our wives, and to women in general. So the importance of having a godly wife is not only important for her, but also for the husband. The husbands spiritual well being is greatly influenced by their wives.

The rest of the book really has a lot of one liners. (not pick up lines, so don’t be confused) This is the book where you could open a page in Proverbs and point and read and get an entire thought, or statement of great wisdom in one or two sentences. So maybe Proverbs should be called the point and read book in the Bible. This book is filled with wisdom God gave Solomon over 2,500 years ago, and it is in our Bibles! That is an amazing thought for me at this moment. I have always known this (all scripture is like this), but I think I am feeling the truth of that now. I have never really been a fan of the Psalms, or Proverbs, mainly due to there not being a story to follow, but I must admit I really like Proverbs now. Realizing that Solomon was very wise and that these are mostly his words, not only gives us a glimpse into Solomon’s life, but also a greater picture of God. Because, all wisdom is from God. I think if I get bored from now on I will read a proverb and ponder on it for a few hours to pass the time.