This portion of reading, 1 Samuel through 2 Samuel 12 has had a lot of possible topics to discuss. So I am truly struggling with what to write about. Should I write about Samuel and how his mother gave him, her only child at the time, to serve God? What a great story of faith. But what about the people of Israel crying out to God for a King and God telling them that He is their King? I could talk about how Israel basically slapped God in the face and God said “Fine. Have your King, serve him since you won’t serve me.” Or maybe I should talk about Saul who God choose to be King. A handsome, intelligent man to lead all of Israel. And how this man failed to follow God? Or I could talk about David. The young shepherd boy that became the second King of Israel. A man of great courage, of great humility, a man after God’s own heart, yet also a flawed man, a sinner? Maybe tomorrow I will decide on what to write about. Until then all I have written is some wondering thoughts about my favorite portion of all of scripture.