I have begun reading through the Bible and my goal is to read it from cover to cover within 90 days. So far I am ahead of schedule, and wanted to share some short thoughts on the book of Genesis.

What I have seen from this read through is how God continually works through and blesses people that have flaws. Jacob stole his brother Easu’s blessing, Abraham lied about who his wife was on two separate occasions. And these are just a couple of examples. But what I am impressed with is how God blessed them even with their flaws and loved them, though they were far from perfect. They were His people, and it didn’t matter what they did, He loved them. This is something that I have not clearly seen when I have read Genesis in the past. So God even from the beginning has been all about loving His people and forgiving those who don’t deserve it. Very cool. Praise the Lord for He is merciful and full of grace!