James Cameron, the man who brought us “Titanic” has made another movie. This one is claimed to be a documentary that proves that Jesus of Nazareth was not resurrected. That Jesus also had a child with Mary Magdalene. All of this from a tomb that was found in Jerusalem 20 years ago. The documentary is supposed to even have DNA evidence. (for all those CSI fans) However, since we don’t have any DNA from Jesus I am confident that all that can be proven is that the people in the tomb are related to each other. But regardless of what we may think of the documentary this is going to be an opportunity to share the truth about Jesus (people will be looking to Christians for a response), but it will also become a stumbling block for others. So we should be praying and learning why we believe, because knowledge will be essential in discussing this with co-workers and friends.

To read a bit more about this and read over 2,000 comments about this ‘documentary’ you can check out the link below. It is interesting to see what people are already saying even before they have seen the film.