I want to write a short entry just to clarify my belief on Baptism. I am currently involved in a very in-depth study of Baptism and Salvation and am writing my findings as they occur on this site. But I want to make some things very clear since I do not want anyone to read more into what I am saying than what I am intending to say. I believe that followers of Christ are Baptized. I believe this is an essential teaching and if someone does not teach Baptism then they are not teaching what the Lord has asked. This said I am unable to state so boldly that someone who is not Baptized or that someone not Baptized under a given method is not saved, or not a follower of Christ. My current study has revealed verses that clearly identify faith/belief as the deciding factor in a person’s salvation. And verses that appear to claim that belief plus baptism are the deciding factor in a person’s salvation. (read previous blog entry) However, I have serious questions for someone who claims to believe in Christ yet will not be Baptized. The big one is “What is preventing you from being Baptized and following Christ in this?”. If someone does not want to be Baptized they have a Lordship issue, not a theological issue. So as I am writing and studying know this: I believe in Baptism. I believe that Jesus clearly taught that we are to make disciples, baptizing them, and teach them to obey the teachings of Christ.