I have read a few articles regarding how Islam needs to reform so that it can ‘fit’ into the modern world. However, I believe what we are seeing today in the extremist strain is in fact the reformation of Islam. The Prodestant Reformation in Christianity involved going back to the Bible and turning away from centuries of traditions and man made teachings. Islam is doing this very thing right now. Islam has become more and more secular over the past 100 years, and the ‘extremists’ are going back to the Koran and seeing what they should be believing. And what they are finding is that they must destroy their enemies and that Islamic Law should be followed by everyone. The Islamic Extremists are the reformed Muslims. This is a movement that is not being spawned by poor global policies by any nation, but by the very words written in the Koran. I am not as well read in the Koran as many other scholars but I know that the extremists have significant mandate in the Koran for their beliefs.

My concern is that the Western World is not going to recognize that the Islamic Extremists are growing in numbers due to this reformation, and that Israel and the US are the number one enemies to Islamic Rule around the world. Current teachings in London are clear that Islamic Extremists are not on the fringes of the Muslim population in England, but are the heart and core. Check these three videos out to hear for yourself what is being taught in Mosques in London

The issue that the West has with Terrorists will continue to grow and the West needs to be prepared, they need to take this threat and growing movement seriously. Democracy will not solve this, nor will Diplomatic channels. I must say I am unable to see a ‘solution’ on the government level. Reformed Islam is inherantly against anything and anyone non-muslim. So unless everyone converts to Reformed Islam the threat will not cease. So we must stand firm to our beliefs and recognize that Islam is not just an enemy of the Jews and the Christians but a growing enemy of the entire world.

As a Christian I see the great need for Christians to be reaching out to Muslims around the world. Only the life changing power of Jesus Christ can turn this movement around. Only Jesus can solve this problem. And this does not mean a Christian Crusade against Islam. This means for believers in Christ to be on their knees in prayer and sharing the gospel with Muslims. As Christians our duty is merely to present the message, not to force conversion. So let us be great presenters of the gospel to bring light to this ever darkening world.