On May 1, 2005 I had the opportunity to provide the commencement prayer for FGCU’s 2005 commencement ceremony. Before I wrote this prayer I had looked all over the internet to get some ideas on what some commencement prayers before this one have said. I had no success. I did not find even a single commencement prayer example on the internet. So I am posting this prayer up so that others may find this and find it useful as they write a commencement prayer.

Our Heavenly Father,

We come to you today and recognize your hand in our lives. We look on this commencement as a recognition to the knowledge and wisdom that you have granted to us. We come to you now and ask that you would have today be a new beginning for each of us. That we will look to these achievements, not as something that are for us, but as preparation to make the world a better place. We thank you for the knowledge that you have given us and seek to use this knowledge to fulfill your purposes in the world around us. During this time of transition we ask that you would grant us faith, courage, and purpose. Help guide us to serve you in everything that we do. It is only through you that we can truly find purpose and meaning in this life, and we seek you in our pursuit of knowledge, truth, and purpose. Help us to continue seeking truth and knowledge as we step into new arenas of life. We trust you and thank you for the journey of life that you have given us. Thank you for this day of commencement.

Our prayer is to know you more with each passing day and to constantly thank you for your grace and your goodness.