I recieved an email the other day that had a story that really got me thinking. I would like to share that with you today.

“‘Daddy, how much do you make an hour?’ With a timid voice and idolizing eyes, the little boy greeted his father as he returned from work.

“Giving his boy a glaring look, the father said: ‘Look, Son, don’t bother me now, I’m tired.’

“‘But, Daddy, just tell me please! How much do you make an hour?’ the boy insisted.

“The father, finally giving up, replied: ‘Ten dollars an hour.’

“‘Okay, Daddy. Could you loan me five dollars?’ the boy asked.

“Showing his restlessness and positively disturbed, the father yelled: ‘So that was the reason you asked how much I earn, right? Go to sleep and don’t bother me anymore!’

“It was already dark and the father was meditating on what he said and was feeling guilty. Maybe, he thought, his son wanted to buy something. Finally, trying to ease his mind, the father went to his son’s room. ‘Are you asleep, son?’ asked the father.

“‘No, Daddy. Why?’ replied the boy, partially asleep.

“‘Here’s the money asked for earlier,’ the father said.

“‘Thanks, Daddy!’ rejoiced the son, while putting his hand under his pillow and removing some money. ‘Now I have enough! Now I have ten dollars! Daddy, could you sell me one hour of your time?'”

I realized that we are so much like this little boy in so many ways. We try and buy time from our Heavenly Father because that is how things are done here on earth. But our heavenly Father desires to be with us, in fact he wants to be with us so much that he has paid for our time. He paid with his life as Jesus Christ died on the cross so that he could spend an eternity with us. There is no point in us trying to buy or earn our way into Gods presence. His time is priceless but he freely gives us a opportunity to spend all of it with him.

“We love God because God first loved us” 1 John 4:19