OwnCloud – Add Google Cloud Storage

OwnCloud – Add Google Cloud Storage

I use OwnCloud as a Cloud Storage service on a VPS, and had added a Amazon S3 folder to store most files. I choose to do this for the redundancy and low cost of the storage. This also helps me not have to worry about how much drive space my VPS has on it.

Now Google has come along with Google Cloud Storage Nearline which is crazy cheap and I have been waiting for OwnCloud to update their core to access Google Cloud Storage. As of OwnCloud 8.1.1 this has yet to happen.

However, it is still possible to do this. You can enable Interoperability mode on your Google Cloud Storage and add it basically like an S3 folder in OwnCloud.

In Google Cloud Storage click on ‘settings’ under Cloud Storage and then ‘Interoperability”. Enable this and your access key and secret key will be created.


Use these in OwnCloud like you are adding a S3 folder, but you will need to use a different hostname to connect to your Google Cloud Storage.

The hostname is: storage.googleapis.com


Now you will have a folder that accesses your Google Cloud Storage from your very own OwnCloud install.  Enjoy!