Namecheap Shared Hosting OwnCloud php.ini

Namecheap Shared Hosting OwnCloud php.ini

I ran into an issue with my OwnCloud installation with Namecheap giving me errors. One error involved needing to disable Magic Quotes, and the other was related to PDO not being installed. I looked around and nobody was sharing their php.ini file for OwnCloud on Namecheap. I have OwnCloud installed in a subdirectory on a Namecheap Shared Hosting account. So this post is simply me sharing my php.ini file. If you install OwnCloud on Namecheap create a file called php.ini in your OwnCloud install directory. Edit the php.ini and put only the following in the file:

magic_quotes_gpc = off

Save the file.

Now your OwnCloud install should work without any errors.