Something Changed….

Something Changed….

blood-pressureToday I decided to write about the one thing that I have found to be different since my ‘incident‘ at the Gym last Saturday.

That change is my blood pressure. My Blood Pressure is consistently and significantly lower than it was before the ‘incident‘.

I had been tracking my blood pressure over the last couple weeks as part of my health routine. These results are all taken about an hour after eating lunch.

1/2/2008 – 124/68
1/3/2008 – 128/68
1/4/2008 – 132/74
1/8/2008 – 123/69
1/9/2008 – 128/68
1/10/2008 – 134/76
1/11/2008 – 126/72

Then the incident happened and I was in the Hospital for a few days. I am now back at work and am checking my blood pressure at the same time, about an hour after I eat lunch.

1/17/2008 – 105/63
1/18/2008 – 109/71

Here are some numbers that I was getting while in the hospital and at home before coming back to work. These were taken at random times of the day so I am not sure how to compare them with the results above.

1/14/2008 – 97/68
1/15/2008 – 95/57
1/16/2008 – 95/68

I feel fine and if I hadn’t been tracking my blood pressure before the ‘incident‘ I wouldn’t be concerned. I would actually be glad to see that my Blood Pressure is so good. However, a 20 point reduction of my systolic pressure seems very strange to me. Especially since it did not lower gradually. Saturday is a clear marker for this lower number.

So any and all theories are welcomed. Even crazy theories that may involve alien abductions or that I am now a clone. (Those simply might be interesting to read).