All Electric or 300 MPG all for under $30,000

All Electric or 300 MPG all for under $30,000

Many moons ago I wrote about an automobile that is 100% electric. It doesn’t use even an ounce of gasoline. The Tesla. This is an impressive car, proving that you can get performance and style without gasoline. But their car costs $100,000.00 making it a toy for the rich, and nothing that the masses can dream of getting their hands on.

I believe that a car needs to be under $30,000.00 and have reasonable performance to survive in the American automotive market. Tesla may someday create such a product but they haven’t yet. However, I just learned about a car that can go 100mph, 0-60 in 10 seconds and can run on electricity alone (no gas) for 60 miles, or it can combine electricity and gas to achieve 300-400MPG. And this car is set to sell for just under $30,000.00.

The car is called the Aptera. The Aptera It certainly looks strange, but it is comparable to a compact car like the Toyota Yaris. Well, comparable in space on the inside, but really that is where the similarities end. The Aptera is a 2 seater with space for a child seat in the middle behind the two passenger seats. So would this be a 2.5 seater? The car is a hybrid, but can also operate as an electric only automobile. If you travel less than 60 miles per day you could get to work and back using absolutely no gas. Or if you need to travel further, fill the tank up and enjoy up to 400 miles per gallon.

Another interesting aspect of this car is that it has 3 wheels. Aptera claims that they have engineered the vehicle so that it has a less likely chance of roll over than traditional 4 wheeled automobiles, so that is nice to know. I can’t say I understand the physics behind that so I will just accept their word on it. One advantage of using three wheels is increased aerodynamics and a lighter weight which together help this vehicle achieve performance and efficiency. They have also designed the car to exceed safety regulations, so it should be a relatively safe car on the road. Nice things to know since it looks a bit… odd.

If people can get over how strange this car looks, The Aptera could be the beginning of a revolution to get America independent of foreign oil. So, I am a fan of the Aptera and will be watching to see how their company handles themselves among the automotive elite like Ford, GM, and Honda.