Gyminee PRO

Gyminee PRO

A website that has been extremely helpful with teaching me the value of a calorie is

I track my workouts and what I eat on their site. It has been a tool that I can honestly say has changed my life. So, I certainly recommend Gyminee to anyone that wants to track their activity and their diet. And if you are interested here is my personal Gyminee Locker Room.

Well, today their New Years Resolution was to announce an upcoming new program called Gyminee PRO. Gyminee PRO

Here is a quote from their blog about the new program.
“Gyminee PRO is an entirely new service offering that will give you access to professionally designed content and many other advanced features. For example, Gyminee has partnered with various fitness professionals across the country to bring you workout programs that have been designed by highly qualified personal trainers. Another great feature is the new Gyminee Meal Planner. If you are a Gyminee PRO member then you will be able to plan out your meals in advance using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Gyminee has consulted with multiple certified nutritionists while designing the Meal Planner, so it is a great way to set up and follow a healthy nutrition plan.”

I am excited about this new program. Mainly because I want to be able to give back in some way to, and soon I will be able to become a paid subscriber and take advantage of these new features, but more importantly I can give back to them. Their website has been an essential tool for me, and I honestly don’t know if I would be where I am right now with eating better and working out if it were not for

Thank you Gyminee! I hope to be one of your first Gyminee PRO members in the next few days!

The Refrigerator at Night

The Refrigerator at Night

refrigerator at nightDoes anyone else get curious about what might be in the refrigerator at night?

I get curious so I often open it up to see what might be going on in there. I usually find that nothing is happening. The food is just sitting there chilling out. And then sometimes the food just looks….well…. it just looks like it simply wants to be eaten. So, I will grab something and eat it.

What I have found is that after allowing my curiosity to get the better of me it gets easier to open up the fridge multiple times in an evening to grab a little snack. Often these little snacks can equal a few hundred (at the least) or up to nearly a thousand calories.

So, this is clearly not a healthy curiosity. In addition to the amount of calories eaten while you sleep your body slows down making those late evening calories worse than if they were eaten earlier in the day.

This evening curiosity / habit is something that I tend to fall into on a semi regular basis. I have made a rather general resolution for this year, but I want to make one that is more specific and more easily measured.

This years measurable and definable resolution is to not eat anything after 8:00 at night, not matter how curious I may be about what is happening in the refrigerator or the cupboards.

Lets, see if I can stick to it. 🙂