I just received an invite into the Google Grandcentral Beta program. I must say that this is the most amazing thing that I have seen Google provide for free. Grandcentral provides a free local telephone number that is yours for life. From there you can setup this number to ring up to 6 different phones. Real phones, not just VOIP phones. The service can ring all six phones for you at the same time if you want, allowing you to choose which phone you want to accept the call with. And if that feature alone isn’t cool enough there are plenty of other things you can do. You can even change the ringing sound that callers hear when they call you. Oh and maybe best of all you can have different voicemail greetings for all of your contacts. And I shouldn’t forget that if someone calls you and you never want to have them call you again you can add them to your blocked list. And the features go on and on…. (click here for a current feature list)

If you want to check Grandcentral out I have a few invites that I can give out. If you want an invite just leave a comment on this blog and I will give out as many as I can.

And if you want to call me you can use the little gadget below…..
( The way this gadget works is you type in your name and your phone number. You will receive a phone call and so will I. Then we will be connected, so you won’t be using a microphone and speakers on your PC to make this call, you will need an actual phone to use this. )

Why you might want to actually use this ‘call me’ thing above: Let’s say you don’t have a phone with long distance, or you simply don’t want to pay long distance to call me. If you use this button above you will receive a phone call rather than placing a call. And if you happen to have a phone provider that gives you unlimited incoming calls then this call won’t even use up any of your minutes. It truly is very clever. I just hope I don’t start getting strange calls from random people around the blogosphere…. Oh and another reason you might want to use this is if you have been trying to get in contact with me and don’t have my phone number you can still call me.

Update: You don’t need to call me to get a GrandCentral Invite. I appreciate the calls, but to be honest it is sorta creepy to get random calls from people I don’t know. So if you want an invite just leave a comment on this blog post. Fill out your email address and let me know your name. (Your email address will not appear on my blog anywhere.)