The Network of Sites

I have been working on a network of sites that will all point to and share content. Currently this network has the following sites:

The idea behind this network is to have a bunch of sites that all have the same content (my blog postings), with very little work.

Currently this is how it works.
I can make a post at and it will propogate to .
From the post will propogate to facebook , tumblr, vox, and ziki.

This means I make one post and within a 24 hour period my content gets moved to at least six different sites.

So why have I done this?

Hmmm…. well why not?

(this post is even the first test post to see if this network of sites is truly working as expected.)

[ Edit: Posting from and importing into was not working perfectly so I decided to simply not do this. So posts from may be unique to posts at However, posts on will still move to the other sites outlined above. ]